Women's Crisis Shelter in Southern Humboldt

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood

These two wonderful organizations have been chosen by the V-day Humboldt committee. Because V-day Humboldt is run by volunteers, all of the money raised will go to organizations helping to combat violence against women.  In accordance with V-day's national program, only 10% of the money raised goes back to the national group for use in this year's spotlight campaign, the rest will go to these local groups.

2013 V-day Humboldt Beneficiaries

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood will ensure access to reproductive and sexual health care for all;

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood will educate about healthy, responsible sexual behavior and reproductive choice, ensuring that sexuality is understood as a lifelong aspect of being human;

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood will advocate for the passage of laws and policies that guarantee reproductive freedom.

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WISH is a non-profit community-based emergency shelter operating in rural southern Humboldt. We aid and empower women and their children in crisis and/or victims of domestic violence. WISH provides a (community supported) 24-hour crisis line, housing, education about the prevention of family violence, a complete referral service, and more.

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