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How To Make a Vagina Pin

Show your support with a stylish custom vagina pin!
Choose your colors

Go through your fabric stash and find some fabrics that speak to your inner vagina. Two to four colors is recomended. They can be any color, any pattern, any material. Don't limit your creativity!

Labia Layers

Cut your fabric into vagina shapes. Select one color for the background and cut each layer a little smaller, to create the layered effect. The edges don't even have to be smooth (as shown) They can be any shape and size, just like vaginas!

Assemble the Pieces

Position your fabric in the order you want. Using a sewing machine, or a needle and thread, stich the layers together. Be sure to avaoid stitching too close to the edge. You want the layers to remain loose on the outside to simulate the labia.

Add the Details

Add a button, shell, bead, or anything you want for the clitoris. I added a pearl button and embroidered an additional ring. Depending on the material you chose, you could even paint or draw on the pin.

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