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VDay 2016 Events

One Billion Rising for Revolution


When: FRIDAY February 12, 2016 1-3:00 PM

Where: Arcata Plaza

Cost: FREE

We made a statement through movement that we won't tolerate any more violence against women or girls in our local community or around the world.

Due to injuries, we decided to use the song and choreography from last year to start our REVOLUTION, Katy Perry's "Roar".


Media links:

News Channel 3:

North Coast Journal:


Huge thanks go out to:

  • Ann Youmans for the inspiring choreography and beautiful dance demonstration and teaching kids at Sunny Brae Middle School

  • Nicole Reis for teaching students at Arcata Elementary

  • Arcata School District for the dance practice time and allowing so many students to participate

  • Jen at Coastal Grove for teaching students the dance

  • Arcata Core Pilates Studio for practice space and the event permit

  • Mike "Tofu" Schwartz for technical support and sound

  • Arcata City Parks and Recreation for the permit


VDay Humboldt's dance for One Billion Rising on the Arcata Plaza 2016:

Emotional Creature-
The Secret Life of Girls Around the World


When: April 8-10

Where: Arcata High Fine Arts Center, 1301 D Street, Arcata

Cost:  At the door $10 for the general public and $8 for seniors and students. 

          All presale tickets are $8+fees for general public, seniors and students.


THE STORY: EMOTIONAL CREATURE is made up of original monologues—and irresistible songs—about and for girls. it gives full expression to their secret voices and innermost thoughts, highlighting the diversity and commonality of the issues they face. EMOTIONAL CREATURE is a call, a reckoning, an education, an act of empowerment for girls, and an illumination for us all.

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